1st treatment down, 9 to go

I had the first of 10 radiation treatments this afternoon. It seemed to go well, without any noticeable side effect. I felt just maybe a bit out of it afterwards. But getting home on the tram was no problem. (Given that it goes right past the hospital, tram is really my preferred way of getting to these appointments. Thankfully, it is school holidays here. Otherwise, with a mid-afternoon return trip, I would be sharing the tram with boisterous school kids.) I will only post subsequent appointments if I experience anything side effects.

I saw a nurse afterwards who checked how I had found the treatment. I asked her whether I should have the COVID-19 vaccine while I was having the rest of the radiation treatment. She said I should defer that, should I be offered a jab. They think the vaccine has a temporary impact on people’s lungs (although they haven’t seen enough cases to be sure of this.) I am having radiation to the sternum, an area obviously close to the lungs. The radiation treatment can knock the immune system around a bit — although not as much as chemotherapy. She also suggested I defer the flu vaccine also until after the radiation treatment. However, the rollout of the COVID vaccine is so slow that I think I am unlikely to be offered a jab any time soon.

Sending this off as is without further checking or embellishment.

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