SNAFU wins the race

Well, as as a character says to another in The upside of anger, that was a mis-step. In the last post I attempted to convert the blog to private. The problem was, as a few intrepid followers found, that locked everything up tighter than a fish’s whatnot. Even I, as the blog founder, had difficulty logging back into WordPress to get things how I wanted them. The notification settings seemed mysterious. (I say “seemed” because I didn’t get to see the outgoing message that was sent to everyone I invited to become a viewer. This message obviously didn’t explain how viewers could be notified when I had posted new content to the blog.) Few people are going to come back and check in case I’ve updated the blog — something that’s become less frequent lately. (It’s possible to sign up for email updates, but I know some people haven’t been able to get this to work.)

Anyway, for those people who requested email updates, I will keep sending you those. I will post those also to the blog.

WordPress has no real half-way setting between “Open” (i.e. anyone can discover the blog) and “Private”. (The only one was something that “encourages” search engines to omit the blog from their search results. However, as WordPress pointed out, this depended on the search engines actually doing the right thing.) Oh well, just chalk it up to experience. Carry on irregardless, soz for that, and happy Easter!

One thought on “SNAFU wins the race

  1. Noted, dear Bro. Hope your Easter is proceeding satisfactorily. Cheers, JoeSent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone


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