The story of my diagnosis and treatment is scattered somewhat over several blog posts. For convenience I am summarising it here. In October 2017 a blood test returned a PSA reading of 9.9. Following this I had several scans and a biopsy. They revealed cancers in the prostate and one of the pelvic lymph nodes. On 1 November I had a radical open prostatectomy.  Biopsy of the prostate and lymph nodes revealed that several of the latter were also cancerous, although these tumours were mostly still small. The cancers found were given a Gleason score of 9.

A follow-up PSA test in mid-December found a level of 0.9. Anything greater than 0.5 post-operation is indicative of continuing disease activity. I had a second whole body PSMA-PET scan to reveal the location and extent of these residual tumours. This revealed three metastases, all in bone (left hip and left femur). I had radiation therapy for these.

Subsequent PSA tests revealed that my PSA to have increased from about 3.9, about three months after the radiation, to 7.2. I also have a few more mets, all in bone, and in different places to the previous ones. So I have been doing hormone treatment (also known as androgen deprivation treatment) under the care of a medical oncologist. The ADT is being combined with chemotherapy. This adjuvant treatment is supposed to give more bang for the buck than doing ADT and chemo separately. I have now finished the ADT, and am continuing with the chemo. This should finish in January 2019.