Final radiation treatment today

I had the tenth and final radiation treatment today.

To repeat a phrase I have no doubt over-used: so far, so good. The treatment itself seemed very refined, and I didn’t notice any side effects. Apparently these can occur within a few weeks of the last treatment. I have a nursing treatment plan, which basically says to go on applying the MooGoo lotion to the area on the chest where the radiation focused. I can call if I need further assistance, which I doubt I will. In six weeks or so I will have a blood test in which the PSA will be measured. This will be the proof of the pudding. A few days following this test, I have a follow-up appointment booked with the radiation oncologist. I will continue seeing Dr P (my medical oncologist) as usual. I will post the results of all these consults here.

The radiation oncologist (Dr B) advised me to have the COVID19 vaccine as soon as possible. This was different advice to that which I received from the radiographer. The basis of the advice to defer the vaccine was that any vaccine can have an effect on the immune system. And my immune system is a bit lowered by the radiation treatment. However, Dr B said that radiation treatment is not immuno-suppressive. Therefore there is no reason not to have the COVID vaccine.

It is a bit academic, of course, given that, for most folks, there is no vaccine to be had. I did ring a clinic that I found via the federal government vaccination finder web site. On getting through to a human, however, I found they are only offering these to existing patients (something not mentioned on the web site). It must be a damn nuisance for clinics to be bombarded by people wanting vaccinations, when they are not getting enough supply to give out these jabs. I am not that bothered about it, actually. I checked on my regular practice’s web site. When they get enough supply, they will contact patients under 70 who are in group 1B — my situation. When my number comes up, it comes up.

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