Change to blog settings

From now, I have made this blog private. People who want to view and follow the site will not be able to do so unless I invite them. People I invite (and who accept) will need a free WordPress account to view the site. It will be necessary to log in to WordPress to view the site.

There don’t seem to be any people registered to follow the blog. (I know people have found this difficult to do.) However, I will invite people who I know used to follow it. If anyone is unsure about taking out a free WordPress account, my experience with them has been positive. WordPress has hosted the blog almost from the beginning, and I have very seldom been contacted by them. (Emails I have received have always been about changes to the blog editing software.) So, as far as I am concerned, they are a reputable company.

I will email family members with the content I am putting up on the blog (including this post) so they can follow it that way if that is their preference.

One thought on “Change to blog settings

  1. Hi Guy, finally got in! Seemed very complicated, and I don’t know if I will be able to do it again! Will you let us know when you have put new posts up? Jane xxx


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