Noah’s got nothing on us

Well, after a week of thirty plus temperatures it’s rained for two days solidly. Victoria is supposed to be getting a month worth of rain in three days, and it feels like that. (It is really coming down now.) There have been eight people, from memory, admitted to hospital after falling off ladders. (Clearing out the gutters is a good wheeze, but not if you injure yourself in the attempt.) I hope no-one is getting flooded out among my extensive readership.

We set off on a shopping expedition this a.m., about which I am enjoined not to say too much, other than that it was successful. Then a quick whiz around Coles for mineral water, proper milk (the lactose free kind tastes a bit peculiar in coffee), rice cakes, Nuttelex and other staples. En route home we stopped off for a couple of pies, which we had for lunch with a baked potato and some green beans.  I was happy not to venture out after this in the rain and general pre-Christmas hysteria. Then a bit of cricket and a lie down; this is supposed to be good for encouraging healing in the abdomen.

On tummy-related matters, we are having a totally low key Christmas, neither doing anything nor going anywhere. The food at one of those banquets, e.g. at a hotel, is generally bad for der Fisch, and the whole thing is generally rather drawn out and tiring. The sisters do a wonderful job having the family around on the day; in recent times my niece has drawn the short straw, with equal success. I am still getting on top of the urinary continence, however, and standing by to hear what the next treatment might be following the PSA test I am to have mid-month. I am happy in the circumstances, therefore, to skip the travel on crowded roads and have a ham sandwich with my beloved. Both introverts, we can rise to the occasion for large group get togethers, but quite irrespective of the personalities involved, these can be draining when one is Not Quite Right.

Outside (3.15 am) it is 13 degrees and 95 per cent humidity! I have never seen a humidity number that high. Am taking a break from Godel, Escher et al and reading American kingpin, by Nick Bilton (about the man who founded The Silk Road web site) and an interesting essay about Phillippa Foot .

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