Icelandic for beginners

This post might seem like a bad idea when the first flush of enthusiasm wears off. It is just me playing around with language, looking at an Icelandic dictionary, and trying to find words that express concepts ranging from the elusive to the mundane.

In the list below, the (real) Icelandic word or phrase is followed by the (mostly fictitious) definition. There are, however, a couple of accurate definitions, according to the online dictionary. See if you can spot them! A lump of decayed whale meat (hvalur kjötto the first correct entry. The winner will be notified by email. Any native Icelandic speaker, their family or employees are disqualified from entering this competition.

  1. Fýlusvipur Someone who says they’ll referee you for a job, but ends up stabbing you in the back. 
  2. Fyrirvaralaust A stuff-up so monumental you need to go to Australia [obs.?]. 
  3. Fyrirvinna As above, but less egregious. Female gender. 
  4. Fyrr skal ég dauður liggja I’m taking Gary to a party.
  5. Glópagull The chutzpah needed to eat a beetroot salad while wearing a white shirt.
  6. Hákarl kjálkabeininu Shark cartilage.
  7. Hugarangur Existential anxiety of receiving a man hug. Male gender.
  8. Hugarfarsbreyting Fear of farting while receiving a man hug. Ditto.
  9. Skemmd Uniquely virulent hangover from too many acquavit skols. See angst.
  10. Smithætta Female descendent of Smith.
  11. Stjórnmálaíhlutun Impressive sounding medical term you use when ringing in sick.

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