WTF, I’m sick (with postscripts)

Apologies if a degree of inelegancy is creeping into these blog titles. Apologies too for a bit of editus interruptus! I am trying to get at whether there are advantages to being sick. Maybe not outright advantages, but at least things that are not disadvantages.

Self-indulgence is one. There is a certain what-the-heck mood in which I can think “Dammit, I’m going to have a cake with my coffee”. This allows you to ignore the standard “No” response that, if you say it often enough, whittles the waistline down bit by tiny bit. This response is easier to circumvent, too, if you have just gained an instant 3-4 centimetres around the middle from having your lymph nodes removed. The perverted logic goes like this: the increased  waist measurement isn’t from overeating. Also, what I’ve got is pretty serious. So, let’s party! I do know I have to get back on the sensible diet wagon soon. Like Augustine, however, not just yet.

Not being expected to do stuff is another. Indeed, I am under strict instructions not to lift anything, help my beloved bring in the bins, or otherwise exert myself. It is surprisingly easy to get used to being waited on! It is a bit of a bore, though, in some ways. We now have an umbrella stand, umbrella, and newly powder-coated table and chairs, all to go in our lovely new courtyard. Normally I would be putting the brolly on the base, wheeling it up the steps on the trolley, bringing out the table, putting out the chairs and cushions. I can’t do any of that, and don’t want to put it onto Der Fisch, who has been busy enough doing the aforementioned waiting! So the inaction is a bit frustrating. I hope that Jeremy gives me the all clear to resume doing things, like exercise, when we see him on Tuesday. (Breaking news! We have just negotiated a compromise; I will cook the dinner, my beloved will do the courtyard.)

Of course the big advantage is the clarity that serious illness brings. The things that matter are the only things that matter. As one who had a tendency to waftiness and going through life on auto-pilot, this is a statement I am trying to live by. Not many people would regard a serious illness as conferring an advantage, but thinking about it, it has and it does.

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