Just hold on there!

It is hot in Melbourne at present; fourth day in a row above 30 degrees. I am not long home from town after a mostly successful trip. (This was my first trip to town post the operation.) It started not so well when I missed the train that I was planning to catch. All my fault – I just didn’t allow enough time to get to the station through the traffic. (Being retired, one tends to forget how much traffic there is in the morning and evening peaks.) Anyway, I got the next train, which meant I had time for a coffee, so not all bad. I rang ahead and got a message to the guy I was to meet. Strangely, I was dead on time, proving you can get from Camberwell to the city in half an hour. (I suppose I have Mum’s punctuality mania to thank for always allowing some slack in my travel arrangements.)

I did take a couple of spare pads with me into town, and used them both. I am burning through these a bit at present, particularly the small inner ones. (I put one of these inside a big pad for extra security, giving a kind of codpiece effect; very alluring!) Anyway, I was happy to find a few hints for getting hold of these products more cheaply:

  • Thanks to my brother for pointing out that they are available in the supermarket (Woolworths, in my case; apparently Aldi also). Look in the feminine hygiene department.
  •  Tena will send out free samples of their products. Go to the Tena web page and select Find Your Product. Tena also apparently has an online store with free delivery, and apparently good prices. If these products suit, and I find they do, this may be a convenient way to get hold of them. 
  • Babylove Newborn Nappies cut in half apparently work well in lieu (sorry about that).
  • Finally, for those who qualify, there is a federal government plan to subsidise these products. It is called the Continence Aids Payments Scheme.

I read the last three of these tips in the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia online community . (NB the PCFA community requires free registration. I link to the parent site in the sidebar of this blog; see External Links.)

The appointment I had this morning went quite well. There is a bit more to disentangle before I talk about it here, so stay tuned. (Yay, here comes some rain.)

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