Blood oath

I had a pretty good day today, getting a few things done, but not trying to do too much.

At about 10.00 we went to Chadstone for a coffee and to buy a towel for my beloved’s niece to use. (It seems a bit clinical to say “A house guest”; we are really looking forward to having her.) Then out of there, hooray! It was starting to get really busy when we left an hour later. I said to Der Fisch that that was going to be the extent of my participation in The Festering Season. (Have Grumpy Old Men been in touch yet, dear?)

I walked home from Burwood Village, where der Fisch dropped me en route to driving to the supermarket for a serious grocery shop. I must have found this pretty tiring as I dropped off to sleep in front of the cricket. She returned, laden with comestibles, which I received the delegation to put away. Then in the afternoon we had a visit from my beloved’s sister and partner. They helped us assemble the outdoor table that we had had powder coated. A good load of … ah … miscellaneous stuff was also loaded into their 4WD. I just supervised, being still forbidden to lift anything. (Everyone was very nice and refrained from telling me to rack off.)  Now we have our garage back!

I had some little sticky felt tips to put on the table feet. These turned out to be quite recessed – I’m not going to try to explain this verbally – and thus two layers of the things were required. Anyway, I need to get some more to put on the chair feet. (This should not be a great problem as they are just from Coles.) So since I came home we have had the courtyard finished, the table and chairs powder coated and assembled, gotten the umbrella and base, and put everything together.  Now all we need to do is some weeding (things are getting a bit exuberant after all the sun and rain), put the chair feet on, and sit out there!

The appetite is still pretty patchy (other than for cakes, as previously ‘fessed up). The squeamish can skip the rest of this paragraph. I also had a mild concern as I was passing a bit of blood in the urine, not large amounts (more of a tinge), but consistently. This was only visible at the start of the flow. I actually rang up the paging service about this and spoke to the duty urologist, who said it was nothing to worry about, and to drink some extra fluids. The last time I had a pee I passed a blood clot about 1.5 cm in length. (I know this as I fished it out and took a photo of it to show my urologist on Tuesday.) The blood in the urine stopped immediately, so I think it was just this clot getting stuck, then passing through.

Tomorrow I must get a new photo for my driver’s licence and write out some questions for the urologist.

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