No more catheter

It’s out, thank goodness!  A bit more hairy than the practice nurse led me to believe.  But not too bad. I had a slight misadventure on the way home.  (Warning: this might be a bit TMI.) The practice nurse fitted me with a small pad after taking out the catheter. I was fine to get in the car and out again, but as soon as I released the PFMS,  I felt a trickle. Fortunately I had taken a spare, big pad and some other stuff. So I went to the men’s loo in the shopping centre, changed pads, and put the rest of the stuff (alcohol wipes, Q-tips, and Novocaine ointment) in my pocket. Back at the car I then forgot that I had done this last step,  and beetled back into the men’s, to find no stuff there. Then I felt them in my pocket. (I’ll blame the Endone.) Anyway, I see the urologist on 28th to get the feedback about the operation. Meanwhile,  I am blessedly free of the sensitivity,  which was becoming really quite problematic, despite various measures. Bending down, no problem. I can take off my own shoes! I’l be telling the time next.

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