Home alone

Der Fisch has swum out for a couple of hours, leaving me up to my own devices. (I convinced her to let me buy her something nice; we will go and have a look when the weather is less hot.) So I am catching up with things I let go while I was in hospital, like an eye test, and exciting stuff like that.

The peeing is getting better; I am still going through pads like anything (ordered some more online yesterday). I find that a double pad does the job well, the inner one getting quite soaked on occasion, the outer one not looking affected at all. In time I expect I can taper down on the protection. Thank goodness it is past the hay fever season; I haven’t had a sneeze yet; try and remember to think “Activate” beforehand! Getting up is really the problem. I can activate the PFMs, but when I stand up and release them, gravity takes over. Re-establishing control takes time, and apparently is quite an individual thing.

My dearest got me a couple of pairs of XXL cargo pants from Target yesterday. These are just the thing, being big enough to accommodate my still quite swollen middle. The prices varied between $25 and $10 (on sale), so I’m not going to worry what happens to them! At present I am wearing a pair of shorts that is usually a bit too big for me, but are perfect at present. First independent shower this morning was exciting (well, kind of). When my tablet charges up I will try out my new Bluetooth keyboard. I ordered this, also online (a boon to the housebound), to assist with editing the blog on the tablet. I could try it out with the phone, but it doesn’t say that it can pair with more than one device. It probably can, but I would rather pair it with the tablet first, then experiment.

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