Partridge in a pear tree

I have been reading up on slang for the dangly bits (all in the interests of my readership, and science). I found an online version of Eric Partridge’s Concise new dictionary of slang and unconventional  English, a PDF of about 740 pages! A search for “penis” found 742 hits. Some will be false hits in that they are picking up entries in which the word merely occurs, for example in the definition. But it is obviously an impressive list. I noted down the ones beginning with the letters A or B (there were 62), and selected those I thought  the most amusing, as follows:

  • almond rock (rhyming slang)
  • bacon assegai
  • arrow of desire
  • bald-headed mouse
  • baloney pony
  • bed flute
  • beef torpedo
  • bishop
  • Black and Decker (rhyming slang)
  • Blackpool Rock (ditto)
  • Bobby dangler
  • Boris Becker (rhyming  slang)
  • brain (I think Partridge calls this “ironic”)
  • breakfast burrito
  • bush blaster
  • Canadian bacon
  • captain’s log (rhyming slang – not sure what for)
  • cavalier.

So there we go! No shortage of colorful terms with which to refer to your boerie (a South African term apparently, derived from boerewors, a well-known type of sausage in that part of the world).

Subsequent posts will resume the usual less racy tone.

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