First post with the new keyboard

Yay! Just managed to pair up the new Bluetooth keyboard with the tablet. Took a few goes, and of course the instructions didn’t match what I was seeing on the screen. But I can see what I am typing as I go. Feel of the keys is quite good. Even has home and end functions! Not bad at all for $15. I am sitting in the living room with the keyboard and the tablet on a tray (the one I have my dinner off). Der Fisch is still out having a massage, coffee with a friend, fringe trim and food shopping. I’m putting her to work! She said something to the effect that I would probably be back on kitchen duties next week. Still, she is holding the fort in great style.

Just had a sleep for about half an hour before having some cheese, biscuits and celery for lunch. (Ah – one of the keys just repeated! I can see one has to stab them fairly decisively. Still, it is a hell of a lot better than the handwriting recognition.) According to the Fitbit I got 3 hours 29 minutes of sleep last night, with an average of 3 hours 41 minutes for the week. So obviously not great, but not all that unusual. I still have to wait another fortnight before resuming exercise; this is probably one of the reasons for the bad sleep. When it is not stinking hot, and I have some more confidence in the urinary continence, I will go for a walk and so on.

I had a brief chat to a friend this morning whose husband has also had a prostatectomy (apparently most of the males in their circle have too). She said (and I am paraphrasing) that Jeremy Grummet was a top man in urology, something of which I was not aware. I did know that he is an associate professor at Monash, and, possibly jointly, developed a new and improved prostate biopsy method. When I read about that I thought ‘I’ll probably have to have one of those’, which turned out to be correct, and I certainly had no infection or complication from that procedure.

Choosing a medical specialist is obviously not something for which one can rely on a Choice test! I chose Jeremy because I wanted a clinician who also had an academic role to do whatever I had to have done. I have an idea that such people are possibly more obliged to keep current with new procedures and methods. The proof of the pudding will obviously be in the eating, but so far, so good. He has always been pleasant to deal with, and is a clear and succinct communicator. I am to see him on the 28th of this month for a follow-up appointment.

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