Had a friend and former colleague around for coffee. It was great to see him and hear all about the good ship RMIT 💀. So important to keep up contacts. I have not been very assiduous in doing so, but intend to improve! A special hello to any former colleague reading this. Nil carborundum illegitimi.

I got my lovely Raymond Weil automatic back from being fixed. I got this from RMIT (and Der Fisch) on attaining 25 years in my sentence career there. Sentimental value only now – I have knocked it around over the years – but beautifully legible.

Anyone have a vote for their favourite euphemism for the male organ of generation? I have three candidates thus far. I have used the first two in email correspondence, and my brother helpfully reminded me of the third. The list to date

  1. dangly bits
  2. the old fella
  3. todger.

Any and all other suggestions gratefully received. Please comment and share! I wonder if there is a list, or book, somewhere that rounds up all the permutations. I reckon that the pyjama python (in Barry Humphries’ alliterative phrase) must attract more slang terms than any other organ. Again, if anyone knows of such a list, I would be interested in your suggestions.

Anyway, whatever you would like me to call it, I am having some sensitivity at the top of the catheter. This is being controlled fairly well with a couple of ointments – Otic, usually used for ear ailments, and a Novocaine-based one – and a cold bag. Looking forward to Monday, when the catheter comes out, thank goodness.

We got the paving in the courtyard sealed the other day. As suggested, I threw a glass of water on it, and it is fascinating to watch the water bead up – just like on a newly waxed car. I am watching Jill water out there right now. There is an automatic system, but the designer said to give the beds supplementary watering on hot days, while things are still establishing themselves. Maybe we can have a drink out there when she has finished.

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