Let’s begin at the beginning …

So how did all this start?

When I was having treatment for something quite unrelated (low iron), a blood test showed my PSAs to be abnormally high. Following this I found a urologist, had more blood tests, a biopsy and scans; these revealed an aggressive cancer in the prostate and pelvic lymph nodes. Suggested treatment was surgery, then radiotherapy (if required). Why not the other way? Apparently radiotherapy makes scans less successful in that it affects the tissues. So radio will be adjunct therapy, if  required.

Fortunately my urologist’s practice supports its patients well by coaching them life without a prostate. This means training in how to strengthen pelvic floor muscles, and how to use these to reduce urinary incontinence.

So what next? The catheter  will be  removed in five days’ time. Fortunately, having done Pilates for years, my PFMS are quite good. Will there be accidents? Of course; life goes on. Would you rather have your prostate in the grave, or have a good life without it? I’m still me, still a man, still loved. Sound ok?

And the low iron? Still to be resolved. First things first.

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