My exciting day

So what does a day look like when recovering from prostate surgery? I omit things like emptying leg bag in the following.

2.00 am wake up, fetch whisky, have BM (aka number two)
2.30 The previous step having been rather protracted, fall asleep for another hour. Wake up, have drink (first since operation). Delicious! Johnny Walker Green. Read Forest dark, by Nicole Krauss; unfortunately rather stimulating.
Get up perhaps an hour later, disconnect and empty night bag. Put on PJs and bring cup of tea back to bed. (Der Fisch still asleep.) Read & fall asleep myself an hour or so.
7.00 Get up, empty leg bag . More tea, Der Fisch’s coffee (important step this one!). We sit in the study and have that.
Breakfast: rye toast, orange marmalade, more tea.  Got to keep up those fluids!
Shower. Have to change leg bag straps. (There are two sets of straps, three in each. One set gets wet when one has a shower; change to dry set from yesterday. Hang wet straps up to dry.)
Wash out night bag and hang in main bathroom. Buy a Bluetooth keyboard and car mobile phone holder online. Get call back from nurse at urologist’s clinic; very helpful.
10.30 We set out, with alcohol wipes and a spare pad, to Camberwell Junction. On the list: more undies for Guy from Target (classy!), pick up library book, dry cleaning ditto, have coffee, buy toast loaf and salad for lunch. Go to jeweller’s to pick up watch that is being repaired. Find that I have misremembered message and watch not ready for collection. Explain that I had had surgery that day and doubtless was still full of anaesthetic.
12.30? Not hungry after large date scone (very nice, though!) My book has arrived; Gödel, Escher, Bach, by Richard Hofstadter. Have another Endone (bit of pain – discomfort where the catheter tube enters). We watch first two parts of Sunshine, recorded from SBS; excellent! Lie down for an hour (this is good for the wound).
Get up; feeling only moderate (discomfort around top of tube). Read some more of the Nicole Krauss. Jill cleans out garage; l do a blog entry, and show her how to switch on watering system along driveway. Have had Endone; great!
7.00 Lentil soup for dinner and a pear. Appetite a bit problematic with pain and Endone (synthetic opiate).
Watch Crimson Tide, quite a decent submarine flick. Gene Hackman, Denzel Washington.
10.00 Bed; hook up night bag, clean teeth, have meds, read a bit more. (NB the night bag thing is much easier with a nightgown; fortunately I had one in the bottom drawer, never used.) Lights out about eleven.

Apart from insomnia, Endone and night bag, fairly normal Saturday or Sunday!

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