5 am thoughts

OK, will do this post by hand. it is pretty good, in the main. The handwriting software recognises your scrawl pretty well and moves everything to the left so you don’t have to move your hand.
Main problem is the insomnia. ..Because I can’t exercise very much, I do wake really early in spite of being drugged up to the eyeballs when I do go bed.So I woke up nearly 3 hours ago.Got up, made a cup of tea, fired up the tablet and read my FB page. Now having a shot at updating my blog. Of course, after lets’s say four hours’ sleep, you’re really going to feel like exercising! Medication: Stilnox, Belsomra, Endone, and a whisky (the  last about two am). can resume exercise in about four weeks. Tablet down to 22% so will have to stop soon. . .Get up, empty night bag, read more of Nicole Krauss book. This is Forest Dark, her new novel. Very good indeed!

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