Still in single figures

Accentuating the positive here! The PSA at the consult yesterday was 9.9, up from 7.6 previously. I asked Dr P if he said he was still happy with how I was going. He said “Exceptionally happy!”. I looked great, etc., and was living with my disease (both comments from him). There was no need no change the treatment regimen. The next time I see him I will have had my three-monthly scan. (Dr P said he was being conservative with this timing; I said I never minded him erring on that side.) I am still feeling well, just a bit of discomfort along the left thigh, particularly after exercise class. Dr P thought this could be a touch of sciatica. This discomfort diminishes and ultimately disappears if I run a spiky ball along the area, and take some analgesics. (Apparently the standard treatments include massage and analgesics or a muscle relaxant.)

Although we were expecting a rise in the PSA, for some reason I found this particular one daunting. This was although I have tried to focus on the rate of increase, not the quantum. We will just have to see what the scan picks up. I don’t yet know exactly when the latter will occur, other than that it needs to be three days before my next appointment with Dr P on 28 September. The scan folk will be contacting me to set this up.

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