Steady as she goes

At our last appointment with Dr P on Wednesday, the PSA had continued to increase: 7.6, up from 6.9. The good news was that he thought this was (in my words) nothing to worry about; I have a cancer that is “grumbling along”. He declared himself “very happy” with how I was going, and that I looked very well — something in which he places a lot of store. He doesn’t think chemotherapy is required at this stage. I certainly have been feeling fine, apart from the odd arthritic twinge or muscular strain (no worse than usual in frequency or intensity). The hot flushes are continuing, but these seem the main side effects of my current treatment regimen.

I asked also about a Covid prophylactic called Evusheld. (This link points to a .pdf file.) Dr P said the treatment I was on wasn’t suppressing my immune system. I therefore wouldn’t be eligible for Evusheld, the supply of which is reserved for immunosuppressed or immunocompromised patients. (I’ve had my three jabs and booster anyway.)

This visit to Dr P coincided, as every third one does, with my having a new Zolodex implant. Dr P has new and very swish (but rather hot) rooms at Epworth Eastern. His new location is actually closer to the Epworth day oncology unit, where the Zolodex implants are done. The proximity will save me having to hot-foot it to day oncology on days when Dr P is running late. The implant went uneventfully, apart from some bleeding from the site. I have had this before; it was just a bit inconvenient this time because my T-shirt and top got some blood on them. The nurse put a new dressing and several layers of gauze on the site (abdomen, left hand side). Fortunately the bleeding came to a stop pretty soon, so I was able to go downstairs and pay the excess on our health insurance. Then I texted my beloved, who materialised in the RAV4 to whisk me away.

Everything else is going along absolutely as usual.

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