Following on

Cricket fans will recognise “following on” as something that a team can legitimately ask another team to do. So the phrase is not redundant — unlike “watching on”, for example, or “off of”, as in “Get off of the couch”. (Incidentally, I might have to rethink my objection to “meeting with”. I had always regarded this coinage as not only redundant, but a Americanism, and therefore to be resisted. However, I recently met with it, you might say, in Northanger Abbey. So if Jane Austen uses it, it surely must be OK!)

This post does follow the previous one, though, in containing something I forgot to add to the latter. A further reason to expect that the radiation will be successful is that it was successful previously. The first batch of radiation treatments was also at Epworth Eastern, a couple of years ago. I say “successful” in that the spots on my left femur and hip (those being treated then) are now no longer active. Unfortunately other spots came up subsequently. Instead of continuing to hand-weed the garden, so to speak, a defoliant was instead required. This came in the form of a whole-of-body treatment, the chemotherapy and hormone combination, which I had under Dr P. (I continue on the hormone treatment alone, which kept me in remission for a couple of years.) So anyway, there is a reason for hope to spring eternal.

We saw a very good movie recently on Netflix, The good liar. I say “very good” rather than “outstanding”, because it is really carried by the performances of the two leads, Helen Mirren and Ian McKellen. There is a fascinating number of parallels with the Ring Cycle, though. Listing all these in my mind kept me awake from about 4.45 this morning! However, I had had a good sleep from about 9.45 last night. What seems to be improving my sleep? Exercise (no surprise there) and going on the wagon. The latter might seem counter-intuitive — doesn’t a drink help us get to sleep? Unfortunately, the sleep that follows is disturbed. The worst thing is I feel awfully foggy the next day. I now look forward to a mineral water after I have cooked dinner. Truly!

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