Go back, wrong way!

I saw Dr P in the middle of last week, and the news was appropriately middling too. The PSA has continued to creep up, from 4.8 at the previous test to 6.5.

Immediately following these scores in my notes, however, I have “BUT” written in caps! This was pointing out that the radiation treatments which I had in the weeks following Easter have not yet had time to have their full effect. This will need about six to eight weeks after the last treatment. So the next PSA test should show a decrease.

Dr P went on to say (as he has since the PSA started heading north) that he’s happy with where I’m at, he isn’t worried, and my beloved and I shouldn’t be either. Of course we are trying to take his advice. He has a high opinion of Dr B, the radiation oncologist who was in charge of my treatment. (I have a further appointment with this gent on 1 June, just to see how things are going.) Everything else continues treatment-wise.

Obviously this was not the news we had hoped for, and I would be lying if I said I was totally sanguine about it. But it is what it is. Everything is being kept under close surveillance, and I remain hopeful that, when the effects of the radiation treatments have percolated through, the numbers will turn around. I am still buying green bananas! I feel fine, and am continuing with exercise and language classes, book group, and so on, just as normal. There is no shortage of other stuff going on as well. I was even feeling a bit wistful about the days I used to bake bread, make marmalade, and all those other time-absorbing things. However, I would rather be busy — not so much that I don’t get time to enjoy what has been, so far, a mild autumn. It was 24 degrees yesterday — we were sitting outside a restaurant having lunch — pretty unusual for Melbourne in May.

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