Doing their business in great waters

I know I can appear a little obsessed at the moment with knocking the dew off the lily (see previous post: and do pay attention!). However, if one goes from never thinking about urinary continence, to its being actively a problem, it is quite a transition. One can start avoiding social activity, because it can lead to embarassment. And you all know that social engagement is a marker of health.

These thoughts were prompted by seeing the physio from Jeremy’s practice this morning. I had seen this lady previously to learn that I did have a pelvic floor, actually, and I had to get it into shape for post-operative duty. (At the risk of repeating myself, these muscles have to take over urinary and faecal continence from the prostate.) So this was a follow-up visit. I had a fairly mixed report card to relate. I have been able fairly much to engage the PFMs when getting up, and for long enough to reach the bathroom. Sneezing, coughing, laughing etc. are all pretty well under control. However, standing up for any time definitely brings about leakage. The habit of pre-emptive loo visits to head this off is to be discouraged. (The idea is to get back to going when the need arises, and holding on between.)

This consult was encouraging in giving me some techniques to practice and develop that will help bring this about. The physio also reminded me that PFMs, like any other muscle, get tired, particularly toward the end of the day. It was a judicious mixture of encouragement and stuff to concentrate on. I am liking this team approach to medicine, where after the specialist does what they uniquely do, their team gets the patient back to full functioning.

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