An unwelcome development

I had a call from Jeremy on Wednesday. I am learning that this is not a good thing! Unfortunately, but as expected, there are some recurrences of the cancer. They are all in bone, in the left hip and left femur. Fortunately they (three in total) are all very small; I think Jeremy said 1 centimetre or less. He rang me to request my permission to refer me to a radiation oncologist at Epworth, Dr Pat Bowden (to which of course I agreed). I am waiting to hear from him. Hormone therapy is the usual therapy for these metastases, but Dr Bowden is being brought in to see whether radiation therapy might be a good treatment.

Learning about these bone metastases, I was a bit shaken. However, I found out a bit more about them, which has helped put them in some context. Apparently they are very common in advanced prostate cancer. I found a good article about treating bone metastases here . (I will add this site to my Resources list in my blog.) One of the radiopharmaceuticals mentioned in the article, Xofigo, has just been approved for inclusion on the PBS in Australia. Anyway, I will see what Dr Bowden says. I am just thankful that I am pain free at present, and getting what seems like expert and very active surveillance and treatment. Also one must bear in mind that these are very small beasties, and thus presumably more able to be stopped or slowed down.

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