Every day in every way

You can see I am scratching a bit for a title for this post. You should see the ones I rejected; ‘Freudday’, ‘Reverting to the mean’ – please! I guess real writers go through this “OK, how am I going to prime this pump?” kind of stage, maybe several times a day. Hey, whole books have been written about writer’s block, like the Bech novels by John Updike. (I’m sure the literate readership of this blog, and that’s both of you, can supply other examples.) Of course, he said oleaginously, literary scholarship is the most learned of all. Why do I say this? Try doing a Google search for “writer’s block books”, as I just did. What do you get? A whole bunch of stuff about how to fix it! To know what novels are about what topic, unless you get lucky and stumble across a thesis like “By hook or by crook: sheep farming in Victorian fiction”, you just have to have read the books. Look it up in the catalogue, you say? Catalogue records for fiction seldom have subject headings. How did I get to Bech? That’s my secret and I’m not telling.

OK, now I have whetted your collective appetite, time for the day’s major achievement. Are we sitting comfortably? Eagle-eyed readers of the preceding paragraph (you know who you are) will notice that I have located the double quotation mark on this keyboard. This was a triumph of deductive reasoning, if I say so myself. Pressing the key where the double quote mark should be (plus the shift key, of course) gives you the @ symbol. BUT, if you press the key marked with the @ symbol, what do you get? Go to the top of the class if you said ” (or should that be, ” ” “?). Take that, weird bit of keyboard mapping!

So, as will be abundantly clear, I have nothing really to report today. I walked my beloved down to the gym today; this is the longest walk I have had since the op. I felt fine when I got home, but had a sleep for about half an hour. Obviously that is about my limit at present. She is currently cooking dinner, before we have which, we will have a drink. I might have to ease back on the spirits and coffee, both of which are apparently deprecated for prostate health. (Something else to ask Jeremy about, but I will knock them off just in case.) Red wine is supposed to be OK, though, so I will have to double up on that!

I will leave you with an image and caption from Troop-C, the funny part of YANA. The image:

The caption, which I will paraphrase to avoid litigation, observes that when the light is on in the US, the switch is up. However, this convention is reversed elsewhere (like Australia, now I think of it). The down-for-on switch direction may not yield quite what the good Pfizer folk are looking for. Phew, I avoided saying that I was going to enlarge on this topic in future posts!

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