Few new things

The warmer weather has enabled me to get out of the track pants I have been wearing since I came home, into some lighter weight ones. Feels good also to put on a shirt I don’t wear very often. A very sweet get well card from one of my nephews and his partner addressed to “Uncle Guy” was very touching.  I am finding it easier to bend over and get up from a chair, so some abdominal strength possibly returning. Small things like this are good for morale. I also did some emailing, declining a regular meeting that I just didn’t feel up to, and trying to make a time for a visit from a friend. I will have to rename myself the Lothario of the laptop!

I saw my GP this morning and got a couple of suggestions to relieve some sensitivity at the top of the catheter tube. (Happy to post the drug names if anyone is interested; just being a bit lazy to get up and fetch them!) I have applied them both and taken another Endone (got some more of those as well). If they fix this problem, I will be more comfortable when sitting, getting up, etc. So far so good. The good doctor also suggested that, if I experienced itchiness as the wound healed, to take some antihistamines, as available in Zyrtec, etc.

Currently sitting in the study listening to Rach 3 (the symphony, not the concerto) on my nice old tube stereo, from 3MBS-FM digital. Der Fisch is out at yoga. All good. We looked at some nice jewellery this morning after seeing the GP. She has looked after me so well I feel she deserves a little something; not thanks, just appreciation. Things to do:

  • contact prostate surgery support group
  • have a beard trim
  • install recording software on my laptop and 
  • record an old vinyl set (Charpentier, Lecons de Tenebrae). I also want to 
  • track down a work that I heard on ABC Classic FM, a suite based on Wagner’s Meistersingern von Nürnberg, arranged by Mark Wigglesworth (the conductor of the SSO on this occasion). I hope this concert is available on Listen Again. Actually, I just looked on their web site, and if it is there, it’s beyond my powers to find it! (I have given up on sending emails to find out whether something is available on Listen Again, or when the truly atrocious web site is going to be fixed.) I think the ABC has a burying department instead of a marketing department.

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