Had a little excursion today, as ever with der Fisch (will explain this later). Went to Bunnings to get a plug for the ensuite basin and some Dynamic Lifter. The former they didn’t have in the exact size, but we got one 2 mm smaller. Fortunately it has a large flange on top, so the water will sit on top of the plug. The DL was the opposite problem; smallest size available was 18.5 kg. I obviously can’t lift anything at present, and Der Fisch couldn’t manage it. So she bought a smaller bag on our way home. This was not mega-exciting, but was enough excitement for me, as I sneezed while on our way there. This really hurts like buggery, although it wears off. Anyway, I have had an Endone now, having also emptied the bag and changed the pad, and am feeling comfortably insulated. (My first E for the day.)

Better explain Der Fisch. A saying I heard on cricket commentary years ago was to say (admiringly) of someone that they had an eye like a dead fish. This is true of no-one more than my darling wife, whose name I am, for finicking web security reasons, not publishing on this blog. Anyway, the German for this translates (as near as I can manage) to Ein Auge ungefähr ein Fisch tot. (This is probably wrong.)

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